Winners - 2019

Kymin Financial Services Sandringham Financial Partners
Financial Management Bureau Informed Financial Planning
Cooper Parry Wealth Quilter Private Client Advisers
Fiscal Engineers HFMC Wealth
Active Chartered Financial Planners NLP Financial Management
Niche IFA Joslin Rhodes Lifestyle Financial Planning
Wills & Trusts Chartered Financial Planners Albert Goodman Financial Planning

What is Best Financial Advisers to Work For?

Best Financial Advisers to Work For is a survey competition to determine which participants are the best employers. The process is managed by Best Companies Group (BCG) and winners are announced at the Professional Adviser Awards.

Why participate?

By participating you can find out if you are one of the country's best employers! It can also result in significant organisational benefits for entrants:

1) Heightened Company Pride. If your company appears on the list, it could improve employee morale and retention.

2) Public Relations and Marketing Advantage. Companies can use the distinction to enhance recruiting efforts, increase the value of general marketing and improve reputations.

3) The Employee Feedback Report:
While participation is FREE, participants can pay as little as £415 to receive their Employee Feedback Report detailing the company's employee responses. Also included are industry employee and employer benchmarks.

Who can participate?

• Publicly or privately held business
• Facility in the United Kingdom
• A minimum of 15 employees working in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)
• In business a minimum of 1 year
• Work in the Financial Advice sector

Assessment Description

The process includes 2 surveys gathering detailed data about each participating company. BCG conducts the surveys, analyses the data and determines the winners.
Part I - Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire: The employer completes an online survey, detailing company policies, practices, benefits and demographics.
Part II - Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey: Employees complete a survey of in-depth statements using a scale of 5 points ranging from "Agree Strongly" to "Disagree Strongly." The survey also includes 7 demographic and 2 open-ended questions.

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